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Why are Gutters Necessary?

Gutters filling with rain during storm.

When it comes to home exterior features, gutter systems tend to be more of an afterthought. So, why are gutters necessary? Read on to learn about how gutters help keep your property safe and protected against costly damage. They Protect Your Lawn, Landscaping, and Foundation Properly functioning gutters collect water [READ MORE]

Roofing FAQs: What’s Included in a Roof Replacement & More

Drone shot of a residential roofing installation/replacement by WeatherTek Exteriors.

“Having a roof over your head” is a commonly used idiom that reminds us to be grateful to have a home to live, rest, and feel safe. As a homeowner, it can be easy to take the roof itself for granted – until there’s a problem. Having it replaced can [READ MORE]