Roofing FAQs: What’s Included in a Roof Replacement & More

“Having a roof over your head” is a commonly used idiom that reminds us to be grateful to have a home to live, rest, and feel safe. As a homeowner, it can be easy to take the roof itself for granted – until there’s a problem. Having it replaced can feel overwhelming, from knowing when it’s needed and selecting materials to the time and financial commitment of the process. To help you stay prepared, we’ve outlined some of the most common roofing FAQs. Read on to learn more.

Q: When should a roof be replaced and what are the warning signs you need a new one?

You can generally expect a roof to last about 30 years, though it will vary by type/material, climate and weather patterns, and other factors. Warning signs that you should replace your roof include:

  • Bulging, buckling, or curling shingles. Over time, moisture from the attic space can cause wrinkling in the roof underlayment, movement of the wood decking, and/or the nails to push out of place. As a result, the shingles loosen and no longer lay flat, creating leaks that leave you susceptible to dangerous and costly moisture damage.
  • Exterior bacteria/algae growth. Different types of bacteria can develop and eat away at shingles. Roof algae typically have a black-green color (such as moss or what appears to be black streaks on the roof) and are mostly just an eyesore in the short-term, but should still be addressed by a professional to prevent bigger issues. Mold and mildew can also grow (especially in low-light areas) and pose health risks to you and your family. Contact our roofing experts ASAP if you notice any signs of algae growth.
  • Missing granules and/or entire shingles. Heavy rain, hail, and wind can loosen and remove shingles over time and leave the roof susceptible to moisture damage. Additionally, severe weather can create weak spots on shingles by knocking away the granules that help deflect sun and keep the interior cool during summer.
  • Interior water damage. Stains on the ceilings and walls (especially in the upper level and attic) indicate a failing, leaky roof and should be addressed immediately. The excess moisture also promotes the growth of mold and mildew, which pose a health risk to everyone inside.

Q: Are gutters included in a roof replacement?

No, new gutters are not included, but a gutter replacement can also be done if necessary/desired. We’ll assess the state of your gutters during the initial inspection; if we determine a new system would be beneficial, we’ll thoroughly explain and discuss any recommendations with you beforehand. If there are properly functioning gutters attached to drip heads or aprons, our crew will carefully detach them and reset them.

Q: How long does a roof replacement take?

The total time a project will take depends primarily on the size and scope, as well as other factors such as weather. But in general, for an average-size home, the roof can be replaced in a single day. With gutters, you can expect the project to take 1 – 2 days.

Q: What about permits? Will you pull them?

Yes, we are a licensed residential building contractor in the state of Minnesota and will handle all permits, codes, and necessary regulations. We take pride in making the entire process as smooth and hassle-free as possible. Additionally, any associated fees will be included in the upfront cost.

Q: What is included in the cost of a roof replacement? Will it change?

When it comes to roofing, WeatherTek is all-inclusive. The cost of roof replacement includes:

  • Shingles
  • Ridge capping
  • Drip edges
  • Gutter aprons
  • Roof flashing
  • Roof vents
  • Pipe boots
  • Waste/dumpster fees
  • Permit fees

At WeatherTek, we understand that a new roof is a big investment. We offer convenient financing options to help manage the costs in a way that works for you. And because we value integrity and honesty, we provide a price lock guarantee that ensures you know your final cost before work begins. That’s the WeatherTek Way.

While these roofing FAQs help clarify the process, you may have additional questions regarding your decision. Our experts are here to help. Contact us today to learn more and request a free estimate.