7 Benefits of New Gutters

Gutters collect rain, melting snow, and any other water from the roof and safely carry it away from the home. Homes with broken, clogged, or otherwise nonfunctioning drainage systems are susceptible to flooding, visual and structural damage, and other major problems. Read on to learn more about the benefits of new gutters.

Preventing Basement Floods

With faulty gutters, water from your roof can gather around the foundation, where it could then seep into your basement through cracks, seams, and window wells and cause flooding. A new gutter system that’s properly designed, sized, and installed will safely channel water away for worry-free drainage.

Protecting Roof from Degradation & Leaks

Damaged, clogged, or nonfunctioning gutters often cause water to back up and collect on your roof. This standing water degrades roofing material and creates leaks, which can lead to bigger (and costly) problems like rot, mold, and pests. Investing in a new gutter system helps protect the roof by efficiently carrying water away before it gets backed up.

Additionally, installing gutter helmets will allow water to drain away from the home while keeping leaves, twigs, and other debris out. You’ll get year-round protection without worrying about clogs or regular cleaning. Contact us today to learn more about professional gutter helmet installation from WeatherTek Exteriors.

Avoiding Damage to Landscaping & Foundation

Without functioning gutters, pooling water on the roof is likely to run off into your yard in heavy flows and damage garden areas and landscaping. These large amounts of water can also erode soil and weaken the home’s foundation. With a new gutter system from WeatherTek, our experts will strategically install downspouts in order to drain away from your home’s landscaping features and foundation.

Safeguarding the Home’s Siding and Structural Integrity

Excessive water exposure to your home’s exterior can cause damage and unsightly stains, leaving you with a costly siding repair or replacement. Moisture can also sneak through seams or gaps in roofing or siding materials, where it can weaken and even cause rot in your home’s structure. New gutters help prevent structural damage by safely funneling runoff water before it reaches your siding.

Inhibiting Mold Growth & Insect Infestation

Similarly, excessive moisture due to water sneaking through the home’s exterior creates a breeding ground for mold. Standing water and damp areas also attract mosquitoes, termites, and other insects that are both annoying and potentially dangerous to the structure and appearance of your home.

Increasing Curb Appeal

New gutters protect your home from unsightly stains and water damage. At WeatherTek, we take pride in designing and installing gutter systems that combine form and function. We use our invaluable exterior remodeling and repair experience to provide effective solutions that ensure safety without sacrificing style.

Enhancing Overall Property Value

As you can see, upgraded gutter systems from WeatherTek offer enhanced protection and style to your home. Combine these benefits of new gutters together and you get a boost in property value.

While gutters are often the unsung hero of residential exteriors, remember that their function is vital to your property’s safety and value. In the end, investing in a modern gutter system makes your home safer, cleaner, and worth more when it comes time to sell.

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