How to Prepare Your Home for Storm Season

Storm season is here, and for many homeowners, that carries with it its own set of worries. While not all storm damage can be prevented, there are steps you can take to make sure your house is ready to stand up to the weather. Read on for a few helpful tips on how to prepare your home for storm season.

Check Your Roof to Prevent Storm Damage

When was the last time you took a good look at your roof? There are a few things you can look for yourself—discoloration, warping, and curling of shingles as well as bits of shingles in your grass or near the base of your downspouts. A quick trip to the attic will let you see if there’s any daylight entering through cracks in the roof.

Hail can be devastating to the roof as well as other parts of the home. Hail is a form of solid precipitation, forming ice pellets that develop inside thunderstorm updrafts. Hail can be as large as a baseball and can cause severe damage your home and vehicle. After a hailstorm, inspect your home right away. If you’re not sure, a professional inspection can reveal quite a bit more, including hidden problems that may result in costly damage during storm season. Plus, a professional can help you decide if a simple repair is needed or if it may be time for a new roof.

Are Your Doors and Windows Secure?

Storm season means high winds, and high winds can damage doors and windows. Check your doors to make sure your hinges are properly secured as well as check for missing screws and consider that additional hinges on exterior doors provide more strength. If you’re looking for added protection, talk with a professional about installing wind resistant windows and doors.

Soft Metals at Ground Level

Don’t forget about ground-level structures such as window wraps, downspouts, and gutters. In general, these are made of soft metal and can be easily damaged by high winds, heavy rain, and hail. Secure your soft metal items with tarps or another covering made from strong, weather-proof material.

Are Your Gutters Ready for Severe Weather?

Next on the list: the gutters. You should always clean your gutters out before storm season comes since they’re responsible for keep water off your home and away from the foundation. Sometimes, cleaning gutters and clearing out blockages isn’t enough. Cracks in your gutters can lead to heavy runoff during storm season, damaging landscaping and your foundation. It may be time for new gutters.

Insurance Claims

Damage to your home from severe weather can be devastating and expensive. The experts at WeatherTek can help. We designed our insurance claim process to be easy and stress-free. We’ll inspect your property and offer recommendations, so you have peace-of-mind your repairs are taken care of the first time. We work directly with your insurance company to ensure the claim covers everything owed.

If you’re looking for professional advice for storm season, WeatherTek is the Twin Cities’ trusted roof, window and door, and gutter contractor. We’ve developed a streamlined process that combines top-quality materials, premium craftsmanship, and a constant focus on customer service and care to ensure satisfaction. Contact us today to learn more.